Anweddol : On-demand temporary virtual machines

Anweddol is a client/server system providing temporary, SSH-controllable virtual machines to enhance anonymity online.

It’s usefulness comes when someone wants to use a fully functional computer while being exposed to less dangers by using it remotely on a dedicated server, and by destroying it after use.

Open-source and community-driven software

Written in Python, the software has been designed to be versatile and flexible : You can make a completely new client or server implementation from scratch, integrate it into on an existing project, create your own application, ...

Above all, Anweddol is a project that belongs to its community : Everyone can bring new ideas, enhancement, report malfunctions or anything that can improve the software. If you want to be part of it, there is many ways you can contribute to the project, see the [Contribution section] to learn more.

Get started

Anweddol is actually separated in 2 main programs :

Anweddol-client Anweddol-server
The Anweddol client implementation logo

The Anweddol client implementation.
Allows clients to access any Anweddol server services via CLI interface.

GitHub repository
The Anweddol server implementation logo

The Anweddol server implementation.
The main server implementation, which services temporary virtual machines for clients.

GitHub repository

For a proper introduction to Anweddol, see the [Documentation section].